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Welcome Person! To this circus bending corner!  Lets tinker together in some toys n hardware, rewire and find new sounds, exchange some skills and have fun releasing the ghost clown out of the machine! No experience necessary.

So far gleeetch cat has the privilege to get invited and make few sessions in:

  1.  Berlin,  at Soundsystem Culture event 2021
  2.  Lissabon, Kweenz Of TRash 2021
  3.  Linz, Potato Derby Comic Fest 2021
  4. Leipzig, Hitness Club 2021
  5. Berlin, Selbstgebaute Musik, 2022
  6. Leipzig, Aquarium 18.03.23 
  7. Leipzig , Slug 2.04.23
  8. Tallinn, 29.04 @ HUNGR. 18:00-22:00
  9. Leipzig, Noise fest 1.06.23 
  10. Vienna, 1.07 [event link]
  11. Berlin, Selbstgebaute Musik, 3.09.2023

Previous workshops, where other persons have run them.

Photos coming soon or check here in the meantime: 





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